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George Pegios - Is Regressive Hypnosis for Remembering?

George Pegios - Is Regressive Hypnosis for Remembering?

George pegios talks about the most famous myth: hypnosis serves to remember everything. Error.

First, you have to understand how memory works to understand more. The computer metaphor for explaining how the mind works is a bit simplistic and has to be handled carefully.

The mind does not take the experiences to remember them later in detail, the memories are stored in the memory based on the perceptions, that is, according to how we have perceived the event and therefore they can be distorted.

People are able to “remember” things that have not really happened or take successor and or fragments of experiences that have happened to other people or that have seen / heard and compose with all this a false memory. These false or also called conspiracy memories are creations, it is material projected into the memory gap.

There is an affirmation that memory is based on subjective perceptions, and therefore it is malleable and dynamic. Memories can change over time, as new experiences intervene that affect previous ones. Memories can be influenced intentionally or unintentionally because of their subjective and suggestible nature.

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A certain biography highlights that certain or exact memories can be accessed as long as these facts can be corroborated. For example, you can remember the pin of the mobile, where we have kept the money or where we have put the keys, but always keeping in mind that with hypnosis the truth of more complex facts is not revealed.

George Pegios -Hypnosis does not increase the chances of an accurate memory.

Many clinicians call themselves regression experts to check for sexual abuse or to experience a return to a past life.

In hypnosis the dividing line between fantasy and reality may be more blurred and there is a risk that the client will conspire or even that her false memories may be the source of the therapist's contamination. Yes, the therapist can influence getting certain answers by the type of questions you can ask, the therapist can suggest memories.

George Pegios' recommendation is that you use hypnosis with well-trained therapists, who have attended many seminars and trainings, and also explain how hypnosis works when it comes to regressions.

A good clinician who uses hypnosis should warn you about the impossibility of verifying some childhood events or remembering in detail something that has happened many years ago and if you have no possibility of corroborating it.